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Manny Pacquiao Wants to Fight Juan Manuel Marquez, Not Floyd Mayweather

It sort of went without saying that Manny Pacquiao’s next item of business would likely be avenging his latest defeat. After all, the move makes a lot of sense from both a financial and pure boxing standpoint. Still, some folks still held out hope that he might target Floyd Mayweather Jr. in 2013.

That idea didn’t make much sense seeing as Mayweather had made it abundantly clear that he wants Robert Guerrero or Canelo Alvarez early next year, however, you can’t fault fans for dreaming big.

This past week, Bob Arum acknowledged that a fifth showdown between his boy and Juan Manuel Marquez was imminent. In a quick interview with TMZ, the Top Rank head honcho said: "We're gonna, I think, do another fight with Juan Manuel Marquez…He ran into a really good right hand, and we'll see what happens next time."

In the direct aftermath of his stunning knockout loss to Marquez, Pacquiao repeatedly said that he wanted another shot at his arch rival. He acknowledged (just like Arum did) that Marquez caught with him a nice shot, and the Filipino superstar seemed eager to regain some semblance of pride.

Bob Arum -- Manny Pacquaio Rematch With Juan Marquez Will Happen - Watch More Celebrity Videos or Subscribe

The only thing that may possibly derail Pacquiao-Marquez V is the latter’s pledge to his wife.

"I couldn't even tell you if I'm going to continue my career for one more fight, [because I don't know yet]. I told my wife that regardless of the result against Pacquiao - it would be the last fight for me,” Marquez told Boxing Scene.

“And when I got back to Mexico, I mentioned to her that I wanted one more fight and she said no. But I'm still asking her to give me permission.

The deference to his wife notwithstanding, it’s probably safe to bet that Marquez will ultimately give in and succumb to public pressure. After all, Pacquiao give him two different opportunities to avenge his defeats – it would only be right to return the favor.

As far as Pacquiao-Mayweather goes – the super fight appears to have lost a lot of luster. It will no longer determine who the best pound-for-pounder on the planet is. It is no longer the most entertaining match available. It no longer affords both parties the biggest purses in boxing history. It’s still a desirable battle, no doubt about it. But it definitely isn’t what it once could have been.

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