Manny Pacquiao Wanting to Fight Floyd Mayweather is ‘Idiotic’ According to Bob Arum


Top Rank boss Bob Arum recently came out and called all of the talk regarding Manny Pacquiao possibly fighting Floyd Mayweather in the near future is idiotic. According to him, anyone even suggesting that this bout is feasible at this point in time is spewing Class A nonsense.

The obvious problem with Arum’s assertion, of course, is that Pacquiao has been one of the many people fanning the flames as of late.

A few weeks ago, Mayweather was asked about Pacquiao at a promotional event for his upcoming September showdown against Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez. Mayweather insisted that there was no fight to be made because Pacquiao is a “has-been” who isn’t worth his time.

Faster than you can say ‘useless advisor,’ Pacquiao’s chief mouthpiece, Michael Koncz, came out and essentially said that if Mayweather thinks Pacquiao is such a has-been, he should come out and fight him.

Not too long after that, Pacquiao himself decided to join the party.

"For us, Mayweather is cocky, boastful," he told Ring.

"I can prove to him I can still win. I lost to Marquez but it's just a lucky punch, just part of the game. I was not dominated. If he wants to fight, let's fight."

So, you see, when Arum says “to talk about other fights is idiotic when Manny has his hands full” he may be right substantively, but he’s actually mostly just calling his own guy idiotic.

That’ll probably make for an awkward meeting the next time these two see each other.


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