Manny Pacquiao Wanted to Fight in April, According to Freddie Roach


Manny Pacquiao suffered a devastating knockout defeat this past December. With the whole world watching and everything on the line, the former champ got dropped face first on the canvas by a man who has consistently called himself better for the past eight years. It was brutal. When you factor in the emotional and physical damage he sustained, it suddenly becomes clear why so many wondered if Pacquiao would finally call it quits afterward.

As it turns out, though, stepping away from boxing was the furthest thing from Pacquiao’s mind following his lost to Marquez. In fact, he wanted to get back on the horse a lot sooner than anyone would have thought.

About six months sooner.

Fortunately, Hall of Famer trainer Freddie Roach was there to slow his guy down and emphasize the importance of a full and healthy recovery. The truth of the matter is, if Pacquiao rushed back too soon, fought again and lost – his career would undoubtedly be over. This way, the Filipino star gives himself a fair shot. If he loses he loses, but at least he will go into his next match at full strength.

During a recent interview with, Roach discussed how he talked Pacquiao off the ledge when the 34-year-old wanted to jump right into an April showdown. Check it out:

Roach has caught a lot of flak recently for Pacquiao’s losses and what happened with Amir Khan. Some of the criticism is justified, some isn't. However, there is no denying that Roach is a good trainer. Maybe he doesn’t always make right calls, and maybe he doesn’t emphasize defensive boxing the way he should, but at least he constantly makes sure his guys’ heads are in the right place.

Win or lose in his next bout, Pacquiao is lucky to have Roach in his corner.  



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