Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley: WBO Review is Meaningless, Irrelevant, Unnecessary

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On Wednesday, the World Boxing Organization (WBO) came out and announced that their championship committee would review Timothy Bradley’s recent victory over Manny Pacquiao.

In response to that earth-shattering news, boxing aficionados let out a collective yawn.

The WBO’s review of June 9’s decision is three things: it’s meaningless, irrelevant and unnecessary. Oddly enough, those three words actually also work really well when describing the WBO as a whole, as well as the other largely useless major boxing sanctioning bodies.  

Why is the WBO’s assessment of what happened meaningless? Because no matter what happens, it won’t change what went down this past Saturday night. If the WBO decides that Bradley didn’t actually win the match, the fact that he initially won it won’t be erased from our minds. Everyone will still know and understand that if not for a public outcry, this matter wouldn’t have even gotten a second look. If they decide that Bradley did win the match, then they’re just as clueless as the incompetent judges that made a joke out of the sport on the eve of June 9.

Why is the WBO’s evaluation of what happened irrelevant? Because the WBO is irrelevant. Nobody outside of hardcore boxing fans even knows who boxing’s governing bodies are anymore. Do you really think that any of the one million and change folks who bought the pay-per-view understand the difference between the WBO, IBF or WBC? Do you actually believe that if the WBO came out and announced that Pacquiao was the true winner of last weekend’s bout, that it would make anywhere near as much noise as the initial decision did? Of course not.

Why is the WBO’s review of what happened unnecessary? Because it doesn’t change anything, either way. We all know Pacquiao won the match. We all know that Bradley lost the match. Nobody -- including Pacquiao -- cares that he now has four losses on his record instead of three, and nobody will ever hold that last fake loss against him. Nothing that the WBO can say or do will change the reality that we all recognize anyway.

Boxing took a hit last week because one of its two biggest stars, the one who kept it afloat in between Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s sabbaticals, was robbed with the whole world watching. An annoying boxing governing body double-checking if we really saw what we all know we saw isn’t going to change that.

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