Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley: Manny Moving Fight Date Back to November 10?


Manny Pacquiao’s camp is clearly very confused about when his next fight should be. A few days after it was announced that the Filipino champion would move his Nov. 10 bout against a to-be-announced opponent to Dec. 1, it appears as though all involved have changed their minds again. Apparently, Pacquiao will stick with his original Nov. 10 date now.

Until he changes his mind again, that is.

Remember, the big news that was expected to come out of Pacquiao’s camp this week was supposed to be who his next opponent would be.

Over the past two months we’ve heard on numerous occasions that Timothy Bradley, Juan Manuel Marquez and Miguel Cotto were all being considered as viable options for a showdown against Manny, but we never actually got a final decision on who the challenger would be.

So, again, heading into this week, that was supposed to be the big news – Pacquiao’s next adversary. Instead we got this date-shifting thing that, by all accounts, Top Rank brass can’t even figure out itself. Just days after it was peddled to the media that the fight would move to December, here is what Bob Arum had to say to Brad Cooney of 8CountNews:

BC – Bob can you give us an update on this whole Manny Pacquiao situation?

BA – Yes everything will be decided by the weekend. I have had meetings with everyone and by Monday afternoon we will announce the place, the opponent, and the date. Don't go overboard on this statement that the fight has to be on December 1st because of Manny's election. The election commission just ruled in The Philippine's that Manny can authorize somebody to file for him. He doesn't have to be back in October. Manny can have an authorized representative file his papers for him.

BC – Is the Nov 10th date for Pacquiao's next fight still good?

BA – It looks that way, yes.

Michael Koncz confirmed that in an interview with Rick Reeno of Boxing Scene:

"It's not so much the political end, there are issues with the December 1st date....a television issue and that's the problem, so that's what we're trying to work out," Koncz told

So there you go. The good news is that, apparently, we’re getting a final opponent and a final date on Monday. The bad news is that everyone is too tired to care. I've said all along that I think it'll be Bradley (unfortunately), so I'll stick by that guess, but even I don't care anymore.

(Kudos 8Count, Boxing Scene)

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