Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley: An Exercise in Futility


Timothy Bradley’s victory over Manny Pacquiao was a travesty.

It was unquestionably, irrefutably, without a doubt one of the worst robberies in recent boxing history.

We all know this.

Outside of a precious few, nearly every right-minded human being on the planet is in agreement that Pacquiao got robbed on June 9. Sure, there are always the token contrarians and irritating Devil’s Advocates who insist on defending the indefensible and justifying the unjustifiable but, by and large, we’re all in unison on what’s what.

The stats from that match have been noted and highlighted ad nauseum; however, for old time’s sake, let’s review the facts once more. According to CompuBox, one of the guys in the ring that night landed nearly 100 more of his punches on nearly 100 fewer attempts than his opponent. That same guy landed nearly 90 more power punches. He also landed more total punches in 10 out of 12 rounds. And yet, despite all that, somehow, he wound up losing the bout.  

Again – it was a travesty. Pacquiao got his title stolen from him in criminal fashion. But you don’t right a wrong by using that wrong to waste everyone’s time.

Apparently the good folks working at the World Boxing Organization (WBO) didn’t get that memo. In the aftermath of June 9’s shocker, the powers that be from one of boxing’s many useless governing bodies pledged to review the result of Pacquiao vs. Bradley. They said that they would get to the bottom of the matter, once and for all.

You’ll recall, we weren’t especially fond of the idea.

Well, on Wednesday, the WBO came out and, in the least shocking announcement ever, admitted that Pacquiao should have won his fight against Bradley. As noted by The Telegraph:

The 5-man WBO judging panel rescored the fight for Pacquiao, by a landslide. The scores were 115-111, 116-112, 117-111, 118-110, 117-111, essentially scoring eight or more rounds to the Filipino fighter.

The WBO will not be able to either overturn the official result, or hand back Pacquiao back the welterweight title. The NSAC, which has the power to overturn the decision, refused to hold an internal inquiry

So, to recap: the WBO reviewed the fight, came to the same conclusion we had all come to about three seconds after the bout ended, and have zero power to do anything about it. You know, sort of like what we predicted would happen.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: reasonable people don’t care about the official ruling, we know who the real winner of June 9’s match was. Reasonable people don’t care about whether Pacquiao has three losses on his record or four losses on his record, we know what his actual mark is.

If anyone -- starting with the WBO and ending with Congress -- really wants to help boxing fans, they should figure out a way to get Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. in the ring together. If they can’t do that, though, then we'll settle for them just not wasting our time anymore.

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