Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley: A Decision Looms

One way or another, Manny Pacquiao’s next opponent will likely be decided upon within the next two weeks. The available options have been known for a long time now, but public sentiment on which is better has shifted periodically.

Essentially, at this point, Pacquiao is trying to decide between either fighting this November against Timothy Bradley or Juan Manuel Marquez, or holding off until early next year and fighting Floyd Mayweather Jr. Both possibilities come with their share of positives and negatives, and that’s probably why a resolution to this matter has taken as long as it has.

Initially, it looked as though a Pacquiao-Bradley rematch was imminent. The Filipino champion had quite clearly gotten robbed on the first go-round, and it made a moderate amount of sense for him to right that wrong in a November part deux.

Then rumors began to circle that Bob Arum and the rest of his Top Rank folks were unhappy with the sort of payday that Bradley had generated, and that they were looking more seriously at Marquez as a potential opponent. The problem with Marquez, obviously, is that he is a very legitimate foe – and that he could inadvertently end up costing all involved the Dream Match if he were to beat Pacquiao.

Once the flaws with the Marquez plan became more apparent, conversation shifted to Pacquiao maybe just sitting out and not fighting anyone in November. Instead, he could just train, relax and wait to take on Mayweather in April or May.

Up to this point, we still haven’t gotten any clear indication as to what direction Pacquiao and Top Rank are leaning in. Despite that, there are some reasons to believe that we’re nearing a conclusion to this drama. As reported by Boxing Scene:

Koncz was due to speak with Pacquiao on Monday but apparently did not.

Instead, Koncz told us “I met with Bob yesterday afternoon and I will discuss [the details of] my meeting with Manny today or tomorrow.”

There was no word on what they talked about and what Koncz plans to tell Pacquiao.

Generally speaking when the top dogs meet – a decision looms. This sounds like the part of the game where everyone is just examining, and re-examining, and re-re-examining if they really want to proceed down an agreed upon path.

Stay patient, a decision is likely (read: hopefully) coming soon.

(Kudos Boxing Scene)

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