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Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley: A Decision to Come by Monday?

The Manny Pacquiao versus Timothy Bradley rematch that everyone assumed was inevitably going to happen this year may not be as inevitable as we previously thought.

In the aftermath of Pacquiao’s camp coming out on Wednesday and announcing that they were shifting Manny’s fight date from Nov. 10 of this year to Dec. 1, some are now speculating that maybe we won’t be getting a sequel to last June’s horrendous bout.  

During an interview with Leighton Ginn of The Desert Sun, Cameron Dunkin (Bradley’s manager) painted a very interesting picture of what the future holds. When asked whether he thought his guy was still a favorite to land a spot opposite Pacquiao at the end of the year, Dunkin didn’t even try to hide the fact that he had no idea.

“We'll discuss those things and see what their thoughts are, if we haven't heard a decision yet from Manny,” Dunkin said. “Hopefully by Monday, we've heard something from him, we hope.”

The decision on what happens as far as Pacquiao-Bradley II goes has lasting ramifications for all involved. Part of Dunkin’s plan for Bradley, apparently, is having him do a match in California. Obviously, because of state tax issues, Pacquiao won’t sign on for that – which means that Bradley has to wait until the Filipino champ makes a decision before he can commit to a hometown showdown.

“Bob talked about that,” Dunkin said. “He's talked about bringing Tim home and he thought that would be a great idea and that's one of the things we've talked about.

“I don't know if it's his next fight. I know Bob said that to me a couple times, and (Top Rank president Todd duBoef) too, they want to take Tim home. First, we have to see what happens with Manny, but we want to take him home soon and start driving that area over there and really working that area.”

The biggest takeaway from Ginn’s piece, though, was the obvious frustration coming from Bradley’s camp. They’ve been waiting on a decision for a long time now and, up to this point, they haven’t gotten any sort of indication as far as what direction Pacquiao is leaning in.

“A lot of people are frustrated,” Dunkin said. “I have people call me and are almost like angry, ‘This is wrong, we need to know.' It's not wrong. It's Manny's call. He brings the people and he generates the revenue. Tim and I understand that.

“It's like Tim said, ‘I'm ready to go. If not, make sure you have a date for me. If it's not me, I want to make sure I have a date and know when I'm fighting,'” Dunkin said. “We have done that and we have dates for him if the fight doesn't happen. But we have to wait and see what Manny wants to do.”

Here’s to hoping that we get a final call by Monday.

(Kudos The Desert Sun)

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