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Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez V: There is Only One Obstacle

Over the last 12 years, Manny Pacquiao has made it a point to avenge all of his real losses. In the case of the Timothy Bradley Debacle, clearly the judges botched the final decision, so that is the only defeat he never bothered to address. In the case of everyone else, though, beginning with Erik Morales and ending with Juan Manuel Marquez, the Filipino fighter has made it clear that redemption was his number one priority.

Come to think of it, after the Bradley fight, Pacquiao seemed to want a rematch. He publicly campaigned for one in the direct aftermath. Then, a few weeks later, when it became clear that the public had no appetite to see that one-sided beatdown again, he sort of dropped the matter.

In any case, clearly Pacquiao wants to right Dec. 8’s wrong. He said it moments after he regained consciousness on fight night; he has said it on numerous occasions in the last few weeks. The lone stumbling block as it pertains to a fifth showdown between him and Marquez, as of right now, appears to be the latter fighter. Or, more specifically, the latter fighter’s better half.

"I couldn't even tell you if I'm going to continue my career for one more fight, [because I don't know yet]. I told my wife that regardless of the result against Pacquiao - it would be the last fight for me,” Marquez told Boxing Scene recently.

“And when I got back to Mexico, I mentioned to her that I wanted one more fight and she said no. But I'm still asking her to give me permission.”

This has basically been Marquez’s response for the past two weeks. Very non-committal, to say the least. The only real indication he has given that he is moderately interested in granting Pacquiao another opportunity to redeem himself is when he spoke of his devotion to his fans.

"[The Mexican fans] have always been with me and I will never forget that. I want to thank [the Mexican fans] from the bottom of my heart. They are a major force for me when I go into the ring to fight," Marquez said.

Mexican fans -- like all other boxing fans -- desperately want to see a fifth fight. If Marquez is truly fighting for them like he insists he is, then it should be a foregone conclusion that we will get another Pacquiao-Marquez bout in 2013. And if we don’t, well, then that will speak for itself, too.

The real question here is: will people think less of Marquez for not granting Pacquiao a rematch when the Filipino star gave him not one, not two, but three shots at redeeming  himself?

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