Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather: Representatives from Both Sides Set to Meet

In order for us to get a Manny Pacquiao versus Floyd Mayweather Jr. showdown, there needs to be a first step. One of these two needs to make a gesture of some sort. Either one would be fine, and any gesture would suffice.

But someone has to extend an olive branch.

From there, someone from the other side has to welcome and appreciate the gesture. A general conversation must be initiated. That general conversation then needs to evolve into a different, more business-related conversation.

Eventually, if all goes according to plan, the framework for a Dream Fight gets put in place.

And once that’s in place – you’re good to go.

As ridiculous as it is that we have to give two grown men step-by-step directions on how to be adults, that’s what this ridiculous feud between Pacquiao and Mayweather has reduced us to. You’ll recall, when we last left off, Mayweather was rejecting a potential super fight versus Pacquiao because a.) he doesn’t think his Filipino counterpart deserves a fair, 50-50 purse split, and b.) he thinks his Filipino counterpart needs to “take the test,” whatever that even means anymore.

Pacquiao isn’t much better. After insisting that he would give Mayweather the “lion’s share” in a potential Dream Match, Manny reversed course and suddenly decided he wanted a 50-50 split. Is he entitled to a 50-50 split? Sure. Did he require one a year ago when making this fight happen was supposedly the most important thing to him? Absolutely not.

It’s all nonsense. These two are avoiding each other – plain and simple. It’s the classic hold-me-back, hold-me-back thing that guys who pretend like they want to fight but don’t actually want to fight tend to do.

You just don’t expect that sort of behavior from a couple of the best boxers in the world.

All that pessimism aside, something interesting is going down this week. According to the Manila Bulletin, lawyers representing Pacquiao and Mayweather will meet on Friday in regards to the defamation suit that Manny filed against his arch rival last year.

Presumably, both parties are sending their people in order to work out an amicable solution to their beef. (Then again, with this pair, who knows?) As per the Bulletin:

A big step will be taken Friday (Saturday in Manila) when lawyers of Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather appear before mediator Daniel Weinstein in relation with the defamation suit filed by the Filipino fighter against his brash and unbeaten American rival.

If both camps agree on something that will result to something amicable, it should play a pivotal part in staging a fight between boxing’s biggest stars as efforts to bring them together have failed in the last two years.

Now, obviously Pacquiao and Mayweather sending their lawyers to work out a defamation case isn’t the same thing as them sending their lawyers to work out Dream Match details – but it’s a start. The way that this defamation mess gets resolved will be very indicative of what the future holds.

Bottom line: unless Pacquiao is willing to drop the case and Mayweather is willing to stop running his mouth, there is no way that they can even begin to talk terms for a prospective bout. If they can resolve this situation cordially, however, then that may open the door for more serious talks down the line.

Keep an eye on this situation – it might get pretty interesting.

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