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Manny Pacquiao Vs Floyd Mayweather: Referee Announced, Tickets Not On Sale Yet

The final details for the May 2 fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao are being taken care of. Kenny Bayless has been called upon to referee the fight of the century at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Bayless is known as one of the best in the business, having refereed over 100 matches, including five of Mayweather’s fights, and seven of Pacquiao’s.

"Kenny knows the pressure, stress and responsibility," Robert Bennet, executive director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission said. “He's efficient and effective, and has proven to be successful over a number of years working in Las Vegas and other parts of the world. He's one of the best referees in the world."

Pacquiao’s trainer, Freddie Roach is happy with the decision from the NSAC, who also announced the judges: Dave Moretti, Burt Clements and Glenn Feldman.

"I think we have the best judges, and Kenny Bayless is the best referee out there,” Roach said. “I think he's going to give us a fair fight."

With the highly-anticipated fight less than two weeks away, the refs and judges are set, yet nobody can purchase a ticket. Both sides of the fight are blaming each other for this problem, but regardless, this fight is supposed to crush all previous ticket records. The bout is expected to bring $72 million in just ticket sales, but tickets haven’t gone on sale to the public. But there may not be many tickets out for the public anyway, since most of the tickets will go to promoters, sponsors, athletes and friends of the fighters. Even the golden boy himself, Oscar De La Hoya has something to say about the ticket debacle.

"This is mind-boggling. This is shocking, but at the same time, we understand what is going on," De La Hoya said. "This is the Al factor. This is what you get when you deal with Al."

De La Hoya is referring to Al Haymon who is Mayweather’s adviser and is responsible under most people’s eyes. Pacquiao’s adviser, Michael Koncz is one of those people.

"This is Haymon and Haymon alone,” Koncz said. “He is trying to keep us from getting what we're due in the agreement we signed."

Source: Yahoo Finance, CNN / Photo Credit: AP 


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