Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather: Not Happening in 2012


Manny Pacquiao will fight someone on Dec.1 of this year, but that someone won’t be Floyd Mayweather Jr.

When news initially broke late Tuesday night that Pacquiao’s Nov. 10 bout was getting pushed back, there was a lot of speculation regarding why it was happening and what it meant.

Some suggested that this was an indication the Filipino champion was planning to take on Miguel Cotto again. (Cotto is supposedly going to fight in December.) Others hypothesized that perhaps this was him attempting to give Mayweather additional time to train for a late-year bout, seeing as Floyd just got out of jail and presumably needs to back into shape.

Yeah, as it turns out, none of those were correct. On Wednesday, Michael Koncz did an interview with Dan Rafael of ESPN in which he very clearly explained the reasoning behind the date shift.

"Manny has to be in the Philippines for the filing of his candidacy in October, and I don't want to interrupt his training, nor does Manny," Koncz said.

"If he fights on Nov. 10, it would interrupt his training because he would have to go back to the Philippines. You lose two days going there, and it's a long trip in the middle of camp. We don't want to have any excuses when he fights. I believe if he fought on Nov. 10 but made a trip at that time to the Philippines, we'd lose a week of physical training, and I don't want there to be any excuses.”

You’ll recall, in the lead-up to Pacquiao’s fights against Juan Manuel Marquez and Timothy Bradley, there was a lot of talk about whether or not he was adequately preparing for each one. Seeing as one was a near-loss and was a loss-loss, he probably wasn't.

Apparently, all involved want to avoid that sort of chatter this time around.

"It's important to us, Manny and I, to move the date because we haven't had the greatest performances in the last two fights and he wants to stay completely focused on his training," Koncz said. "To do that, we've requested that our promoter move the fight to Dec. 1. We're working very well with Bob on it. That was the alternative date we came up with."

Which brings us to Mayweather. Koncz was asked, point blank, if there was chance of Pacquiao and Mayweather squaring off this year. We’ve all heard the speculation about a meeting next April or May, but what about in 2012?

"As you know, we're willing and able to fight Floyd anytime he wants, but I don't believe he is ready," Koncz said.

"Floyd just got out of (county jail). He's spending time with his family. He's enjoying his freedom. He has money left over from the last fight after being in jail for two months. I don't see Floyd going into the ring until next year, but who knows? I have no confirmation of his schedule. I'm just glad he's out of jail. I wish him all the luck in the world and so does Manny, but I don't see Floyd fighting before us this year."

Well, that about settles it. 

(Kudos ESPN)

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