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Manny Pacquiao Vs. Floyd Mayweather: Hotel and Ticket Prices Getting Crazy For May 2 Fight

The long-awaited May 2 fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao is causing a big buzz even months before they even step foot in the ring. Ticket prices are still being discussed but Las Vegas hotels aren’t waiting around; rooms cost more than New Year’s Eve.

According to Robin Leach of the Las Vegas Sun, rooms are already being sold from $1,250 to $1,500 a night and that’s without having a ticket to the fight yet.

The fight has been talked about for a long time and it took five-plus years to finally happen, so people seem to be willing to pay huge sums of money for tickets. Leach writes in his article that he was warned by a reliable source to not be “surprised if that talked-about $5,000 ticket jumps to $7,500 or even $10,000 because of the demand. We could sell 50,000 seats at those prices the way demand is looking.

“The emails, texts and pleas for tickets are overwhelming. Nobody has ever seen anything like this in Las Vegas history.”

Indeed, this fight is set to break all boxing records, both at the MGM Grand in Vegas, and on the joint pay-per-view between HBO and Showtime.

Source: Las Vegas Sun

Photo Credit: AP Photo via KOIN6


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