Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley: Bradley Plays the ‘Floyd Mayweather’ Card

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When a guy takes the sort of beating that Timothy Bradley took from Manny Pacquiao, he generally stops talking smack.

When a guy takes the sort of beating that Bradley took from Pacquiao and still somehow sneaks away with a victory, he definitely stops talking smack.

And when a guy takes the sort of beating that Bradley took from Pacquiao, sneaks away with a victory, and then hopes to secure a rematch, he doesn't just stop talking smack – he goes so far as to tape his mouth shut to make sure that nobody misconstrues anything he says as smack talk.

Bradley didn’t get that message, apparently.

Last week, this guy made headlines when he blatantly called out Pacquiao for being too ‘scared’ to grant him a rematch. A few days later, after catching a lot of flak for that ridiculous assertion, Bradley decided to double down. Here is what he had to say in regards to whether or not he’d get another shot at Pacquiao:

"To be honest with you, I'm not sure what's going to go on. I'm not sure if I'm going to be fighting this guy or not. I'm not sure if he wants to fight me any more or not. Like I've said before, man, I'm too high of a risk for these dudes, man,” Bradley told Lem Satterfield of Ring TV.

“I'm too high of a risk. It's plain and simple. I'm one of the best in the world, if not, the best in the world, hands down, man. And, you know, I think there is a possibility that he might go a different route. I think that he might try to bypass me.”

Yeah, that’s what it is. Sure, Pacquiao dominated him in every statistical category – but Bradley is too high a risk. Right. Okay.

Still, as laughably delusional as that sentiment was and is, it wasn’t particularly insulting. Calling Pacquiao scared was offensive. Bradley trying to build himself up, though, that’s not offensive. It’s sad, sure. But not offensive.

This, however, was in fact offensive: “I'm saying that once Floyd flattens Manny Pacquiao, which is going to happen if they ever fight, then me and Floyd can get it on. I mean, that's easy work for Floyd.”

Alright, two things: First of all it’s very unlikely that Floyd Mayweather Jr. would flatten Pacquiao. He absolutelymight beat him. But it wouldn’t be a dominating effort, either way. More importantly, though, even if Mayweather did ‘flatten’ Pacquiao, he would never fight Bradley after that. Mayweather is one of the smartest business minds in the game – why would he fight someone who is totally incapable of being a legitimate pay-per-view draw?

He wouldn’t.

Bradley is playing a very dumb game here. Lots of people respected him coming out June 9’s showdown. Not because of anything he did in the ring, of course, but just by virtue of him seemingly being a solid dude. He gave off a certain respectful and humble vibe. Sure, he had that whole ducking Amir Khan thing on his record, but that was sort of forgiven.

With these latest nonsensical statements, Bradley is just flushing all that built up goodwill away. When you can’t even bring huge pay-per-view numbers to a fight versus Pacquiao, you're not a draw, plain and simple. And if you're not a draw, you better either be a top-tier fighter or have a really likeable personality. Bradley definitely isn’t the first and, based on what we’ve seen over these last couple of weeks, it seems like he doesn’t have the second either.

(Kudos Ring TV)

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