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Manny Pacquiao vs. Brandon Rios Will Have a Lasting Impact

While the prospect of seeing Manny Pacquiao taking on Juan Manuel Marquez for a fifth time or Timothy Bradley for a second time was appealing, nobody was especially disappointed when the Filipino star ended up settling for Brandon Rios. Sure, the other two options brought bigger names to the table, but neither one offered up as stylistically an interesting a match-up as Rios will.

Almost as fascinating as the bout itself, though, is the impact that it will have on both of the fighters involved and boxing as a whole.

Prior to selecting Rios as his next foe, Pacquiao announced that, for the first time in seven years, he wouldn’t be fighting in the United States. Citing tax rate concerns, the Filipino star opted to take his talents to Macao. According to his team, Pacquiao believes that the growing Asian market coupled with his appeal to that market will result in him making more money this way.

As noted by Lee Cleveland over at Fight Saga, this is a fascinating gamble. Per his analysis:

Not only will the live gate be massive, don't be surprised if PPV buys and overall revenue topples Mayweather vs De La Hoya (2007), the highest grossing fight to date.

Although the PPV fee for those watching Pacquiao vs Rios in China will be only $5 USD (compared to $55 -$60 in the U.S.), a staggering 80 million homes may order it. And yes, given China's population of 1.34 billion, 80 million sales is not out of the question if the fight is promoted well.

Bob Arum has admitted that he expects the PPV buys in America to take a hit as a result of this bout taking place overseas, however, if Cleveland’s assessment of how many people buy it in China is accurate, that may not be as big of a concern as some think.

Either way, this little experiment will have a massive impact on how and where fights featuring big name stars are put together over the next few years. Nov. 23 can’t get here fast enough.

Source: Fight Saga


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