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Manny Pacquiao Stops Ducking Fight with Mayweather?

Manny Pacquiao came out today and said he would be tested up to 14 days before a potential fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. The compromise by Pacquiao is newsworthy because the Filipino star initially refused to have testing that close to the fight date.

During this February’s fight negotiations between the two boxers’ camps, Pacquiao said he was offended by Mayweather's insistentence on drug testing right before the match. The refusal by Pacman (and attitude clashes) caused talks between the two men to be called off.  

Now Pacquiao is singing a different tune.

Of course, the sudden change in attitude poses one big question:

Why now?

The problem, as it has been all along, is that Pacquiao is playing his fans and the media beautifully. It is very debatable whether or not he, in fact, wants to fightMayweather in the first place. But, in the meantime, he has chosen to toy with the champion. He understands Mayweather’s arrogance and big mouth make him the instant villain, so there is very little he, the “good guy,” can do wrong.

Rather than giving into demands and securing the fight, Pacquiao chose to wait three months before deciding to agree to the conditions Mayweather originally set forth. In the time between February and May, Mayweather grew weary of Pacquiao’s nonsense and pulled himself from the fight altogether.

Now Pacquiao wants it to appear like he is the one giving in to all of Mayweather's demands, and that Pretty Boy Floyd is the one turning him down.

Pacquiao’s original excuse for not wanting drug testing so close to the fight date was that pulling of blood would make him weak. Well, what happened since then? Did he get a sudden burst of courage in terms of taking blood?

The whole “it will make me weak” excuse was always flimsy, at best.

In the Olympics, small amounts of blood and urine have been known to be taken as little as a few hours before competition. The testing has never been associated with poor results after-the-fact. In fact, during the Beijing Games, Michael Phelps provided authorities with a drug test on the morning of one of his relays. He subsequently won a gold medal hours later.

Despite all of the evidence showing that athletes are fine after blood testing prior to events, Pacquiao told the Phillipine Star:

“My message to Mayweather, to the world, is simple…I am not the lawmaker when it comes to the rules and regulations of any boxing commission. That is not my job or my duty. Neither is it Mayweather’s unless he forms his own personal commission…I will comply fully with whatever drug test, blood or urine, rules are specified by the commission of the place where this fight is arranged.”

Yet Pacquiao agrees that the drug testing policies in place are inadequate?

The story of Pacquiao’s sudden and suspicious agreement to Mayweather’s original conditions has supposedly put the ball back into Mayweather’s court. Some fans say that if Pretty Boy Floyd refuses to agree to the fight now, it’s proof that he is scared of Pacquiao.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Mayweather’s undefeated career has spanned over more than a decade. He could go out, lose to Pacquiao tomorrow, collect his enormous paycheck from the fight, and still retire as one of the greatest boxers of all time.

There is a reason Las Vegas odds favor Mayweather.

If the champion does decide that Pacquiao’s three-months-too-late agreement is not adequate anymore, it’s simply because he is tired of the Filipino superstar’s ridiculous games.

Mayweather is, as he has been for months, ready for Pacquiao. He is not the roadblock that is preventing this fight from occurring.

It would be wise for Pacquiao to stop with the nonsense. Rather than coming out and agreeing to conditions set forth three months ago, he should go out and ask Mayweather what his current conditions are. Then, when Mayweather presents them, Pacquaio should accept, instantly.

Until then, as far as I’m concerned, Pacquiao is the one ducking Mayweather. He just happens to be better than Pretty Boy Floyd in using the media to cover it up.  


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