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Manny Pacquiao Takes a Shot at Timothy Bradley

Manny Pacquiao was smart to choose Juan Manuel Marquez over Timothy Bradley as his next opponent. That’s a fact. But when the Filipino champion ultimately made his decision, he had to have realized that Bradley wouldn't just walk away quietly. Based on how mouthy he had been over the past few months, based on how badly his insecurities had gotten the best of him after June 9, Bradley was a walking, talking time bomb.

Sure enough, less than 24 hours after Pacquiao gave Marquez the nod, Bradley absolutely exploded.

"I can't believe these guys," he said (via The Desert Sun). "He didn't want any part of me. Marquez is an easier fight. He knows that a fight with me and two good legs is going to be hell.

"I can't believe it. Any champion who lost his belt, you would want to redeem yourself."

The tirade didn’t end there, though.

"What the public needs to know is Pacquiao, their No. 1 dude, doesn't care about his loss," Bradley said in that same rant. "You need to redeem yourself because Tim Bradley beat you. You need to come back and redeem that loss.

"In my eyes, chicken (expletive), chicken, chicken, chicken. I'm too much for these boys, man."

Everyone knows that Pacquiao beat Bradley. Everyone. And that, along with the fact that Bradley is a horrible pay-per-view draw, was the main reason why the Filipino champ opted to go in a different direction for his December fight.

During a press conference on Monday, he didn’t hold back on why the fans were going to get Pacquiao-Marquez IV as opposed to Pacquiao-Bradley II.

"I already beat Bradley," Pacquiao said (via Yahoo! Sports). "Everyone knows it. I just didn't get my hand raised."


He also couldn’t help but take a little shot at Bradley and all of his recent whining.

"Before the fight, all I heard him say was, 'I'm going to fight toe-to-toe with Manny Pacquiao,'" Pacquiao said. “Then, when the fight happened, he ran. The fight wasn't that exciting because he ran and didn't do what he said he'd do."

Given what was said last week, Pacquiao could have hit him a lot harder than that. Fortunately for Bradley, the Filipino champ has bigger fish to fry.

Pacquiao-Marquez IV will take place at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on Dec. 8 of this year.

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