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Manny Pacquiao Takes a Hilarious Shot at Juan Manuel Marquez

Manny Pacquiao has never lost to Juan Manuel Marquez. Juan Manuel Marquez has lost to Manny Pacquiao on two separate occasions. In order to fully understand what both men are thinking as they head into their fourth showdown, it is necessary to take those facts into account.

Ever since his first defeat to Pacquiao, Marquez has been telling anyone that would listen that he was robbed. He went to extraordinary lengths to secure a rematch, but he had to wait three years until he was finally granted one. That bout was supposed to resolve the issue of who the better man was once and for all.

Pacquiao won.

He admittedly won in controversial fashion, however, he did in fact win. That meant he had two wins against Marquez. Conversely, all Marquez had was one draw (which would have been a Pacquiao win had all the judges scored the match mistake-free) to justify his claim that he was better than his arch rival.

And yet, despite the fact that he had failed to record a win in three tries, Marquez continued to maintain that he had been robbed. That he was still the better fighter.

This past June, Pacquiao suffered his first defeat in seven years when he fell to Timothy Bradley. It was a horribly misguided decision, and one that was almost universally renounced by the boxing world. Everyone views Pacquiao as the rightful winner of the fight. That being said, in the record books, Bradley is the winner. And to his credit, the Filipino champ has complained very little about that fact.

In a recent interview with Boxing Scene, Pacquiao alluded to how differently he and Marquez have handled their losses in the past.

“You know, if you compare my fight [with Marquez] to the Bradley fight, I think the Bradley fight is [a] worse [decision]. But I never complained. Did you hear from me, from my mouth that I'm complaining? I lost the fight and I never complained. That's just part of the sport” Pacquiao said.

That’s a pretty hilarious quote, when you break it down. First and foremost, Pacquiao highlights that the Bradley decision was far more egregious than any single one that he may have earned versus Marquez. (Which is true.) Secondly, it leaves unsaid the fact that the reason Pacquiao didn’t have to complain about it is because everyone else complained about that decision for him. And that is a shot in itself because it points out that not enough people felt like Marquez was robbed to really get angry about it.

Does Marquez complain too much about being robbed in the Pacquiao fights? Eh…

Look, this man has come as close to beating Pacquiao (legitimately) as anyone we have seen over the last decade. It has to be frustrating for him to know that, despite everything, he has never actually recorded a win. So, yeah, he does complain about it too much – but you also have to cut Marquez a bit of slack.

What do you think: does Marquez complain too much about judges?

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