Manny Pacquiao Awful and Will Lose to Margarito, Apparently

A lot of commotion has been brewing in the Manny Pacquiao camp over the last few weeks.

Between Top Rank boss Bob Arum and Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach, all the press has been hearing about is how awful and unprepared the Filipino boxer is for his upcoming Nov. 13bout against Antonio Margarito.

It was more of the same when Roach spoke to reporters on Wednesday.

"Worst camp ever," he told anyone that would listen.

This of course comes on the heels of Roach telling Pacquiao during their 15-hour flight to Los Angeles this past weekend that "We're not where we're supposed to be" (which he later told the press).

Yet despite all the whining and complaining about the Filipino’s workout habits and conditioning, he’s still an 8-to-1 favorite to beat Margarito.

So how could it possibly be, given the negativity inside Pacquiao's inner circle, the experts still believe he's a tremendous favorite over his opponent?

Obviously, Arum and Roach are trying to accomplish two feats with their recent PR campaign.

One, they’re trying to motivate Pacquiao and lull Margarito into a false sense of security. Two, they’re trying to hype up interest in this fight and make it appear as though it won’t be an utter beat down courtesy of the Pac-Man.

Regardless of what their motivation is, though, the whole act is tired and annoying.

Nobody buys that Pacquiao, arguably the greatest pound-for-pound boxer in the world, isn’t ready for a known cheater who couldn’t win without his illegal substances more than a year ago against Shane Mosley.

It would be great if Roach and Co. filled the headlines with more actual fight updates, and less planned publicity comments.


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