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Manny Pacquiao Sucked by the Time Juan Manuel Marquez Beat Him, According to Timothy Bradley

Timothy Bradley became a household name last year when he earned a completely undeserved victory over Manny Pacquiao. There have been a lot of bad decisions made throughout boxing history, mostly because the sport’s judging process lends itself to controversy, but what happened in June 2012 was a whole different breed of awful.

Despite the fact that Pacquiao won all but three rounds of the match, two judges decided to award Bradley with the W. The latter walked away with the WBO welterweight belt for his troubles; the former was handed his first loss in seven years.

After the fact, because of how blatantly unmerited his victory was, Bradley never actually got the treatment that new champions get. He was recognized as the loser of that bout with Pacquiao because, aside from the two incompetent judges, everyone saw him lose it. As a result, Bradley ended up becoming ultra-sensitive about everything.

Recently, during an interview with Kevin Iole of Yahoo! Sports, Bradley lamented about how he got no respect after his most recent win.

"I didn't get any credit after the Pacquiao fight whatsoever," Bradley said. "People talk about me, my style, that I'm boring. Some people talk about my wife, my kids. People sent me death threats after the fight because I won undeservingly. [They said] I should have given the belt back. A lot of different things went on. I can talk all day about things that people said about me. But it doesn't matter [because] none of these people are going to get in the ring with me,” Bradley said.

In that same interview, he also noted: "I am the nicest guy you will ever meet on the street, ever.”

Recently, the nicest guy you will ever meet on the street spoke to reporters about Pacquiao’s December loss to Juan Manuel Marquez. At least once during that session, he made disparaging remarks about the former Filipino champ.

"I beat Pacquiao, then Marquez beat Pacquiao, but I was the first to beat him in a long time and Pacquiao became damaged goods," said Bradley.

Calling someone damaged goods – just another case of nice guy Timothy Bradley being nice.

Look, boxing is a sport filled with trash talk. If Bradley wants to bash Pacquiao, more power to him. If he wants to use a win that was really a loss as a means of doing it, sure. But if you go that route, don’t play the woe is me game after the fact. Don’t complain about how you’re being treated by the fans and media. If you can throw punches about what happened last June, be prepared to take them as well.



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