Manny Pacquiao is Starting to Get on Timothy Bradley’s Nerves

Manny Pacquiao should have won his June 9 bout versus Timothy Bradley Jr. There is really no debating that fact. Everyone with working eyes and functioning brains saw Manny dominate his opponent for the better part of the night.

Whether you're going by the stats or your gut, the verdict is the same: Pacquiao got robbed – plain and simple.

All of that said, what he’s doing to Bradley right now is really, really shady. Over the past couple of weeks, Pacquiao has essentially made Bradley sit on his hands and halt all his plans by teasing the prospect of an end of year rematch, only to refuse to officially sign on the dotted line when pressed to make a decision.

Initially it seemed like a November (now December) match against Bradley was a done deal. Then Juan Manuel Marquez became the frontrunner to be Pacquiao’s next foe. Then it was Miguel Cotto. Now it’s Marquez again. And through it all, Bradley has just sat there, unable to arrange his next fight, waiting because he doesn’t know whether or not Manny will give him the nod.

Recently, during an interview with Yahoo! Sports, Timothy Bradley Sr. opened up about his family’s frustration regarding the pace at which all this is moving along. Via the report:

"Desert Storm's" father, Timothy Bradley Sr., is getting tired of the waiting game, and he seems a little disappointed in the fact that Pacquiao doesn't seem eager to reclaim the WBO welterweight title his son snatched from him.

"Both fighters owe it to the fans," Bradley Sr. stated during an interview with Chris Robinson. "The fans want to see a rematch. God is good and my son was victorious. He worked his butt off, he's not getting justice. They should automatically jump on it and redo it. … When a champion loses a fight, he should automatically want to get his title back."

Few have been as anti-Pacquiao vs. Bradley II as we have, but even we have to acknowledge that this is getting ridiculous. Either let the man know you’ll be fighting him, or don’t. Just get it over with already.

In a recent interview with 8Count news, Bob Arum said that Pacquiao had decided on an opponent. Later, Michael Koncz told ESPN that he hoped to make an announcement regarding his guy’s next fight at some point this week.

Well, it's Friday.

Here’s to hoping that Top Rank stays true to what they said, stops screwing with Bradley, and just tells him what’s what.

(Kudos Yahoo! Sports)

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