Manny Pacquiao Should Be on Amir Khan’s Radar, Not Lucas Matthysse

Amir Khan found himself at a crossroads in 2012. Coming off two losses and with fans suddenly questioning both his toughness and desire to compete at the highest level of boxing, the young star knew he needed to make a change. In what had to have been a tough decision, he decided to nix his relationship with Freddie Roach and begin training with Virgil Hunter.

With two consecutive victories in the books over the past six months, it’s safe to say Khan made the right move. And while some will undoubtedly (and accurately) make the case that the 26-year-old’s victory over Julio Diaz left a lot to be desired, a win is a win.

The question now becomes: What’s next for Khan? How does he continue to his trek back to the top of the mountain? Well, if he had it his way, he’d soon get a shot at Lucas Matthysse.

Following a dominant victory over Lamont Petetrson this weekend, Matthysse was quickly dubbed the ‘new Manny Pacquiao.’

“Peterson, he had a good game plan,” Khan said in an interview with Sky Sports (by way of Hustle Boss). “In the first round he was staying away from Lucas Matthysse. He was boxing him and got a little bit more confident and that’s what Lucas wanted. Lucas wanted him to come forward and he caught him with a great left hook.

“I’m quite surprised he got up from that one,” Khan continued. “He showed a lot of guts, the way he got up. The referee should have stopped it the first time.”

When asked if he would be interested in a showdown against Matthysse, Khan said yes.

“I’d love to,” stated Khan. “[Marcos] Maidana was knocking everybody out and I went in there and I beat him. Lucas Matthysse, my style would suit [myself] very well. I think definitely I’d beat a Lucas Matthysse and I’d go in the same ring with him.”

While a match-up between Khan and Matthysse sounds intriguing, it’s not the best fight out there for the former right now. Instead of chasing the latest hyped star, Khan would be better served seeking out a fight against the ‘old’ Manny Pacquiao; also known as the real Manny Pacquiao.

Presuming the Filipino star gets past Brandon Rios, he’ll be looking for a big name, high-profile fight. This would be a win-win for all. Pacquiao would get to share the main event of his card with someone who also has a legion of devoted fans interested in seeing him fight. Khan would be able to cement his return to the sport’s elite level with a signature win over a legend. (While also getting a pretty hefty check along the way.) Again, everyone wins – and, unlike in a potential Khan-Matthysse bout, the risk for both fighters would be worth the reward. 


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