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Manny Pacquiao Selling Out Fans for Minimum $15M vs. Mosley

In case anyone was wondering how much Manny Pacquiao is pocketing to sell out his fans and prove his undeserved “people’s champ” title is a lie – it’s approximately $15 million.

By now, no one is disputing that the upcoming Shane Mosley-Pacquiao bout is a farce forced on boxing fans by the money-grubbing clowns who run Top Rank. That ‘Splenda’ Mosley has no shot in the ring against Pacquiao and that this fight is a complete and utter waste of time.

And, of course, that Pacquiao has opted to milk his fans for their hard earned money in this easy match rather than face a legitimate opponent and risk a loss on his way to a massive payday.

According to multiple reports, the Filipino paper champ will bank at least $15 million for this fight. Much as he did against his previous overmatched punching bag in Antonio Margarito, Pacquiao will also get a major share of the PPV dough on top of that basic $15 million total. Based on estimates of buys, he could see his total take from this bout go to about $20 million.

Mosley, for playing the Tomato Can role in this ill-conceived massacre, will bring in a minimum of $5 million. Of course, his share will also increase based on PPV buys. Reportedly, he will receive $5 per share of PPV buys over 500,000. If Top Rank reaches their goal of 1.2 million buys, Mosley could walk away with around $8.5 million.

Not bad a come-up for Mosley considering he'll only be getting his face beaten in for a few rounds before the eventual KO.


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