Manny Pacquiao’s Camp is Weird When it Comes to Juan Manuel Marquez and PEDs


One of the more hilarious things that happened prior to Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez fighting three weeks ago was Freddie Roach accusing the latter of being on performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs).

You will recall, when Marquez came out looking all buff and swoll, Roach said this: "If (his body) is natural, I will kiss his ass.” The insinuation there was clear: Marquez is on something. Either that or Roach thought that Marquez had breast implants. Those are the only two options when you say that another person’s body is unnatural.

Well, in the aftermath of his guy getting knocked out cold, Roach is now walking that PED accusation back. Predictably, he is acting like he never made it.

"I never said he used anything. I said he didn't look natural. I don't know anything about [Marquez using banned substances],” he told Boxing Scene.

“I'm not going to accuse anyone [of doing something illegal]. He won the fight. Manny got hit with a punch he never saw coming. [Pacquiao] looked good in the fight but he made a mistake and got caught.”

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It’s so frustrating when people play this game. Roach is a legend. His opinion is respected. He saw that Marquez came into this thing with a completely different body after working with a known PED peddler and he called him out on it. That’s fine. But stick by what you said. Don’t act like the fans and media are delusional.

It’s a routine that is beneath a guy as beloved as Roach.

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