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Manny Pacquiao’s Team Will Make Juan Manuel Marquez an Offer He Can’t Refuse

Manny Pacquiao’s wooing of Juan Manuel Marquez will have to wait one more week.

In his continuing effort to get a fifth fight against his 39-year-old rival, Pacquiao dispatched the best negotiator on his team, Bob Arum, to Las Vegas in hopes of securing a September bout. Arum and Marquez were supposed to sit down on Wednesday, however, the meeting got pushed back to next week for reasons unknown.

Over the past month Marquez has been telling anyone who would listen that he has no desire to give Pacquiao another shot at redemption. He feels like, even though Pacquiao gave him that honor following his two losses, the Filipino star doesn’t deserve the same respect. In fact, Marquez has repeatedly stated that he sees ‘no point’ in a fifth match against Pacquiao.

Arum obviously hopes to change that.

It remains to be seen whether Marquez pushing the meeting back a week was a legitimate “something-just-came-up” type of thing, or whether it was just his latest attempt at belittling the other side. It could be perceived either way, really. Back in the day Marquez always had time to meet with Pacquiao’s people to set up a fight – now he’s busy.

“Juan Manuel asked that the meeting be moved because he is all tied up,” Arum told the Manila Bulletin.

All tied up.

At the end of the day, Arum believes this whole thing will come down to money. When pressed on what his preferred method of deal making would be on this go-round, the Top Rank boss didn’t even bother playing it coy.

“I’ll ask him how much he wants,” said Arum.

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Pacquiao earned over $17 million more in the fourth fight than Marquez did. It’s safe to say that won’t be the case again should there be a fifth match. Moreover, since a fifth fight would likely do massively better numbers than the fourth one did, the potential pay day for Marquez is actually a lot higher than anyone is currently anticipating.

One way or another, this matter needs to get resolved. Pacquiao and Marquez either should agree to fight or shouldn’t. This can’t continue to linger, though. Both men need to map out their schedules for 2013, and neither can do it with everything in such limbo. 

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