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Manny Pacquiao’s Peers Think He Will Beat Juan Manuel Marquez Without the Judges

Based on everything that has been said over the past few months, it is clear that Manny Pacquiao’s best shot at claiming victory over Juan Manuel Marquez is to take the end result out of the judges’ hands. How? Well, when these two meet next month, the Filipino champ will do his damndest to end things early. He has admitted this much on numerous occasions, in fact.

Over the past year, Pacquiao and those closest to him have come to realize how iffy judges can be. Last November, he earned a controversial victory over Marquez despite a performance that many believed was only worthy of a draw. Six months later, against Timothy Bradley, Pacquiao was defeated in a match that everyone with functioning eyes believed he had won. That’s how judging in boxing works sometimes – totally senselessly.

In an effort to minimize the impact that outside parties will have on the outcome of his next showdown, Pacquiao has dedicated himself to a different sort of training this time around. The sort of training that will allow him to knock his foe out early.

Mind you, a lot of writers and analysts have doubted that Pacquiao will be able to do this given his recent history. His peers, however, don’t appear to share those doubts.  

“It’s going to be a late-round stoppage,” Brian Viloria said recently, when pressed about how Pacquiao will do against Marquez (via Manila Bulletin).

“I have seen him train at the Wild Card and I have seen how badly he wants to win. He is hungry (to win),” he added.

Seeing as Viloria has won his last three fights by knockout, he knows a little something about what a fighter primed for an early finish looks like.

Will Viloria’s prediction for December’s bout ultimately prove to be accurate? We’ll all find out together in about two weeks. 

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