Manny Pacquiao’s Nike Lunar TR1 Shoes are Very Nice (Photos)


While everyone and their mother has been busy zeroing in on LeBron James’ $315 Nikes that aren’t really $315 at all, Manny Pacquiao’s Nike Lunar TR1s have gone virtually unnoticed.

Thankfully, Kevin Poux of Kicks on Fire has kept his eye on the ball. Recently he offered some pretty cool details about the Filipino champion’s soon-to-be-released new $125 kicks.

These shoes, scheduled to drop on Aug. 24, come in the red, blue and yellow that we’ve become accustomed to seeing from Pacquiao’s stuff, with an “MP” logo stamped on top, and with a nifty image of the champ on the inner sole.

Check it out (via, again, Kicks on Fire):

What do you think?

(Kudos Kicks on Fire)

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