Manny Pacquiao’s Loss Made Floyd Mayweather Reevaluate Relationship with Father

Manny Pacquiao’s most recent bout with Juan Manuel Marquez obviously impacted the two men directly involved. It bolstered the latter fighter’s legacy and cemented him as one of the most underrated boxers of his generation. It also signaled the possible decline of the former after nearly a decade of dominance. That all goes without saying.

What seems to have gone unnoticed, however, is the impact Pacquiao’s loss had on the sport as a whole. Because of what transpired this past June, the schedules of Austin Trout, Robert Guerrero, Devon Alexander, Canelo Alvarez, Brandon Rios and countless others either may or will look radically different than they otherwise would have. (Mostly by way of domino effect.) Beyond that, it also seems to have really altered Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s perspective.

Before his arch rival’s most recent defeat, Mayweather acted like he was infallible. He feared nothing and no one. Since December, though, there has been a very noticeably shift in the champ’s demeanor. He is calmer. He is less out there. He is visibly more collected when it comes to his emotions. And he finally seems to have come to terms with a fact that a lot of top-tier boxers never come to terms with: he isn’t perfect. He can lose at any given moment.

Which explains his recent decision to begin working with his father again.

Me & my trainer (my dad) back working together getting ready for May 4th rock.li/p/2218

— Floyd Mayweather (@FloydMayweather) February 14, 2013

You will recall, not too long ago, Mayweather said this in an interview with FightHype:

"At this particular time, I'm thinking about working back with my father," the undefeated star admitted.

When pressed on why he was dissatisfied with his uncle, Mayweather held nothing back. 

"He's not eating well; he's not healthy. I want him to get healthy and eat better so he can have a sharp mind, because his mind is not as sharp as it once was," he explained.

"Roger, you know, he's very, very sick at this particular time, so I'm thinking about working back with my father. We really don't know what the future holds for Floyd Mayweather as far as who's gonna be the trainer, but I'm leaning towards my father at this particular time."

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In years past, Mayweather would have just gone with the flow. He would taken Roger’s deficiencies in stride and acted like he could win anyway. After seeing his rival lay crumbled face first on the mat two months ago, though, the champ realized that thinking like that was a surefire way to lose in embarrassing fashion.

Mayweather’s decision to go back to working with his father would have been surprising last September. In the here and now, it makes perfect sense.

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