Manny Pacquiao’s Final Victory Over Juan Manuel Marquez and Timothy Bradley


Manny Pacquiao probably won’t get another chance to fight Juan Manuel Marquez or Timothy Bradley. He will face off against either Mike Alvarado or Brandon Rios in his next bout, and regardless of whether he wins or loses, there are no paths that lead back to a fifth match against Marquez or a second one versus Bradley.

Suppose Pacquiao takes on Rios or Alvarado and wins; well, then he will instantly catapult himself into the equation for a Floyd Mayweather Jr. match. As we’ve discussed ad nauseam, Mayweather desperately needs opponents to fulfill his Showtime deal, and his Filipino arch rival would be a perfect low risk/high financial reward alternative. Even if Pacquiao doesn’t get Mayweather, he can always just take on the guy he didn't square off against on this go-round. If he fights Alvarado in October, he can take on Rios next; if he opts for Rios first, then vice versa.

Now, for the sake of this discussion, let’s assume Pacquiao falls to either Rios or Alvarado. And seeing as both of them looked like absolute beasts in their two bouts against one another, that could very well happen. Well, then he retires. There is no way either Marquez or Bradley would take on the Filipino star if he’s coming off three consecutive losses. Same goes for anyone else of note.

Which brings us to the obvious question: If Pacquiao isn’t going to fight Marquez or Bradley again, then how can he earn a ‘final victory’ over either one?

He can do it by accomplishing two feats: 1.) Beating his next opponent and 2.) Destroying whatever numbers Marquez-Bradley does.

Both are totally feasible, but neither is guaranteed.


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