Manny Pacquiao’s Camp Taunts Floyd Mayweather, Demands Fight


Floyd Mayweather Jr. recently came out and called Manny Pacquiao a has-been whose best days are far, far behind them. When you take into account that Mayweather has also spent the better part of the last five years disparaging Pacquiao’s best days, the insult becomes all the harsher.

Whether the undefeated champ’s comments were a byproduct of genuine hatred for the guy he has been most frequently linked to ever since he returned from his lengthy, post-Ricky Hatton sabbatical, or simply a way to hype up his inevitable showdown against Pacquiao, it’s clear that he still relishes the opportunity to talk about the guy he supposed loathes talking about.

This week, after Mayweather’s comments got back to Pacquiao’s camp, the Filipino star’s advisor Michael Koncz came out and fired back in an interview with

“This is America and everybody is entitled to their opinion,” he said. “However, if Floyd truly believes his statements are true then one would think he would jump to fight Manny.”

Well, that’s not exactly true. If Mayweather truly believes that Pacquiao is a has-been, then he wouldn’t jump into the right with the former eight division champ. After all: Why would someone who is undefeated waste his time on someone who isn’t anywhere in his zip code boxing-wise?

What Koncz meant to say, most likely, is that if Mayweather thinks Pacquiao is so easy to beat nowadays, he should man up and beat him. That, obviously, is a reasonable point.

“Nonetheless, let the world wait and watch on November 24,” Koncz continued. “Let the people judge for themselves if, as Floyd says, ‘Manny is a has-been and his career is over,’ as actions speak louder than words and Manny’s iconic global appeal will continue to soar.”

There is no disputing that. Pacquiao will answer everyone’s questions once and for all when he takes on Brandon Rios later this year. A victory confirms that he is still a viable, legitimate option to fight Mayweather; a defeat retires him.


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