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Manny Pacquiao’s Camp Slams Juan Manuel Marquez-Timothy Bradley Fight

It’s no secret that Juan Manuel Marquez and Timothy Bradley absolutely despise Manny Pacquiao. They made that quite apparent when each one opted to skip what could have been a huge payday in order to fight one another instead.

So, with no love lost between all of the camps involved, it probably shouldn’t come as a massive surprise that Pacquiao’s team is now slamming the upcoming match-up between two guys that kinda, sorta ducked him.

"[Bradley] and Marquez had a good deal together or something like that, but I don't really see that fight as being too interesting, because who really cares who wins that fight," Freddie Roach said recently, per Boxing Scene.

He’s not wrong. While there is obviously a certain level of intrigue surrounding this match, mostly just because of the names involved, it’s nowhere near the level Pacquiao-Marquez V or Pacquiao-Bradley II would have been. There are no real ramifications for this thing, and seeing as Bradley has already pledged to go back to his old way of fighting, it’s not like we can expect a slobber knocker of the sort we witnessed between him and Ruslan Provodnikov.

Of course, seeing as Roach made his comments mostly out of bitterness and loyalty to his guy, all of that logical reasoning on why this thing won’t be as interesting as what we could’ve potentially gotten is sort of irrelevant.


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