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Manny Pacquiao Really Ticked Juan Manuel Marquez Off

When Juan Manuel Marquez frantically chased Manny Pacquiao and desperately begged him for a rematch, everyone realized how badly he wanted to beat him. What perhaps went a tad bit unnoticed is why he did it.

The assumed motivation behind Marquez’s frantic scramble for another shot at his Filipino rival was just the desire to get a blemish off his record. Maybe it was more than that, though. Based on the comments he made prior to and in the direct aftermath of his 2012 knockout victory over Pacquiao, it seems like Marquez really and truly hates the guy.

For better or worse, Pacquiao and Marquez fought three really competitive fights in the lead-up to last December’s showdown. The first ended in a controversial draw. The second and third were won by Pacquiao in tight, contentious fashion. The fourth, as we all remember, was a dominant victory by Marquez.

Apparently somewhere along the way, perhaps because he felt robbed in their first three bouts, Marquez developed a lot of resentment towards Pacquiao. That resentment seeps from his words every single time he references his lone victory

"It was great,” he said during a recent HBO special for his upcoming match-up versus Timothy Bradley (transcribed by Ring). “The best thing that's ever happened to me in this sport...I believe in divine justice. This fight is proof it is real. To win the way that I did, it's like God gave me a way to do it. That punch carried the strength of my family. The strength of my entire training. The strength of my entire Mexican fans."

‘Divine justice’ isn’t typically the phrase most fighters use to describe their victories. Why? Because it implies that the other guy deserved to lose. That him falling was  some form of righteousness on display.

"I felt like I could beat him after the first round. I felt strong. I felt agile. I felt fast," said Marquez, recalling the bout. "The time keeper signaled the 10 seconds left. I didn't hear anything. I was just waiting for Pacquiao to feint. When Pacquiao feints, he leans forward. I kept waiting for that feint so I could land that counter punch, and that's how I ended it."

A fifth fight between Pacquiao and Marquez is the only non-Floyd Mayweather fight that would result in a big pay day for Pacquiao. Unfortunately, it looks like Marquez dislikes his rival too much to ever let that showdown materialize.


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