Manny Pacquiao Pretends He Wants Floyd Mayweather, Prepares for Timothy Bradley Rematch


If Manny Pacquiao truly wanted to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr., he would be fighting him in a few months. That’s not to say Mayweather isn’t difficult or stubborn, it’s just the reality of the situation. If Pacquiao was as adamant about taking on Mayweather as he has led everyone to believe over the past few weeks, what with the purse donation offer and the PED testing concessions, he could launch a full-on media assault on his rival and pledge to not fight again until Mayweather grants him a shot.

He isn’t doing that.

What Pacquiao is doing is what he and Mayweather have done for the better part of five years now. He’s saying he wants Mayweather, but meanwhile he is working on a new fight. According to multiple reports, he will be taking on Timothy Bradley next. The bout could be finalized and announced as early as today.

During a recent interview with Ring TV, Michael Koncz, Pacquiao’s advisor, tried to assure the masses that his guy was serious about wanting to take on Mayweather.

"The fact that Floyd made the comment a few weeks ago that we're like an old dog chasing a bone and we need the money and that's why we want to fight him, that's totally not true," he said.

"The fight would mean history, and Manny wants the fight with Floyd, and if that's what the fans want, then that's No. 1. No. 2, I don't believe that its ever been done before where the entire purse has been given away to charity in a fight of this magnitude. Manny is dead serious about that, and he's willing to do it."

That’s great. So then why is Pacquiao already ensuring that the Mayweather fight won’t happen by agreeing to fight Bradley again? If he is so serious about a super fight versus Mayweather, and if he so badly wants to give the starving children his purse from the match, shouldn’t he work a little harder to make it a reality?


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