Manny Pacquiao, Nonito Donaire Not Sweating Brandon Rios Rumors


Numerous reports over the past week have linked Nonito Donaire to some nefarious plot in which he plans to help Brandon Rios send Manny Pacquiao into retirement.

The origins of this gossip, by all accounts, are some comments from Donaire and Robert Garcia that were taken out of context, and the general assumption that since Donaire is planning to train with Rios’ coach, he will somehow aide the 27-year-old in unseating the most notable Filipino athlete in the world today.

The rumors are nonsense, of course. Beyond the fact that Donaire has come out and explicitly stated that he has no intentions of helping Rios prepare for the Pacquiao fight, the simple fact that he couldn’t help Rios even if he wanted to should probably be taken into the account. Again, aside from being Filipino and too short for a welterweight, Donaire’s style doesn’t mimic Pacquiao’s at this stage in the game.

Besides, Donaire has his own career to worry about coming off his most recent performance – the last thing he needs is to get involved in what other fighters are doing.

During a recent interview, Donaire reiterated, again, that he actually thinks Pacquiao will beat Rios.

“Pacquiao has the power, the edge and speed. Ang kailangan lang stamina kasi hindi hihinto 'yan si Bam Bam. But nakita mo naman 'yung last fight natalo si Bam Bam dun kay (Mike) Alvarado. Mas mabilis pa si Pacquiao (kay Alvarado),” Donaire Jr. told ABS-CBN.

This whole fake Pacquiao-Donaire beef was nonsense from the moment it sprouted up on the web, and it remains nonsense to this very day.


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