Manny Pacquiao, Mosley Both Steroid Free; 1.3-1.4 Million PPV Buys


Not that this will stop any rumors of steroid abuse, but the postfight drug tests that were submitted by both Manny Pacquiao and ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley came back clean.

Keith Kizer, the Nevada Athletic Commission executive director, made the results known nearly two weeks after the two boxers “captivated” audiences with a match that ended up going to a decision.

The pair tested negative for any form of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs), steroids and recreational drugs, Kizer relayed to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

The news couldn’t come at a better time for Pacquiao, who just last week was accused of PED abuse prior to his infamous fight versus Oscar De La Hoya.

Despite the lukewarm reception of the bout, Pacquiao and Mosley drew a career-best number of pay-per-view (PPV) buys for the Filipino champ.

The non-stop promotion of the fight coupled with some network TV screen time for three episodes of Fight Camp 360 on CBS proved to be a recipe for success, leading to approximately 1.3 million to 1.4 million buys for the Showtime-aired PPV.

Prior to this, Pacquiao’s best showing was 1.25 million buys for his 2008 war with De La Hoya.  


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