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Manny Pacquiao Makes the Right Call for the Wrong Reason

Manny Pacquiao was faced with a series of very difficult decisions after his stunning knockout defeat to Juan Manuel Marquez. Is it time to retire? Should he fight Marquez again? If so, when? If not, who else can he fight in an effort to erase the memory that everyone has of him laying face first on the canvas?

How a person deals with victory isn’t an indicator of a whole lot; how a person deals with defeat, however, will tell you their true measure better than just about anything else can.

Over the past few weeks Pacquiao has been bombarded with countless opinions regarding what his next move should be. His business people suggested that he should fight twice in 2013, thus securing two big pay days for himself instead of one. His boxing people suggested that he fight only once, and in September, so as to be fully ready and relaxed for a fifth showdown against Marquez. His family, primarily his wife and mother, suggested that he spare himself the damage he will inevitably sustain (win or lose) and just call it quits now.

The Filipino star has quietly weighed all of those ideas and opinions, and has apparently finally come to a decision.

"Manny was going to fight in April, but now, it doesn't look like he is going to fight in April. He won't fight until September. They wanted Manny very desperately in Macau, but Macau has one arena that's suitable, and that's in the Venetian,” Bob Arum told Ring recently.

"Unfortunately, it is booked for the month of April. Well you could say, 'Why not May?' Well, Manny's running into politics at that time. The elections are in May. Now he's running unopposed.”

So Pacquiao will take Freddie Roach’s advice and not fight in April because of a scheduling conflict?

"…his brother is running for congress, his wife is running for vice governor. So Manny is now presently building a dynasty. Todd duBoef went over to Macau to arrange for a Pacquiao fight in April, and, unfortunately, a Korean pop star had signed a contract for the building for most of April,” Arum continued.

"Pacquiao says that it has to be in April, because then, there is the election campaign, and then we're looking at September."

Apparently so.

At the end of the day, a year from now, nobody will remember the precise reason why the Filipino star didn’t fight in April. All they will remember is that he fought once in 2013, and that he did it in September against Marquez.

That being said, it’s still pretty funny that the thing preventing Pacquiao from fighting a dumb tune up bout is some Korean pop star hogging the only legitimate arena in Macau.

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