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Manny Pacquiao Knows Floyd Mayweather is Waiting Just Around the Corner

Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. have just as good of a chance of fighting at some point in the next 12-15 months as Mayweather and Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez.

Even since Mayweather made quick work of Robert Guerrero two weeks ago, the media has peddled this crazy notion that a showdown between him and Alvarez is inevitable. The argument, at its most basic, boils down to this: Alvarez is the best and most interesting challenger to Mayweather’s crown at this point, thus the bout will happen.

What seems to be going ignored, however, is the fact that Mayweather has a lengthy deal with Showtime that will become far less lucrative for all involved if the zero that currently resides in his career losses column magically transforms into a one. So, the real question then becomes: Should he fight the only guy in the sport right now who can make that nightmare a reality (maybe), or anyone else?

Which option would you go with?


In a recent interview with Boxing Scene, Alvarez’s trainer Jose Reynoso claimed that Mayweather will only fight his boy if the match takes place at 147 pounds. That is an absolutely brutal request, and understandably, Alvarez doesn’t want to do it.

"Floyd wants every advantage on his side,” Reynoso said. “Among one of the things that is often being stressed is that he wants Canelo at a lower weight. Why would I make my boy sacrifice so much? We proposed an intermediate weight for things to be level for both [fighters], but he refused. Yes we want to fight, but that does not mean [Mayweather] will get everything [he wants].”

Alvarez is in a very unique position right now. He is boxing Next Big Thing with or without a Mayweather fight, and in a way it behooves him to avoid risking a loss just as much as Mayweather. While both guys will huff and puff regarding wanting to fight one another, the truth is: Both would rather wait.

What Mayweather would prefer at this point in time is a high-profile match-up against a brand name fighter who is on the decline.

Enter: Pacquiao.

Presuming the Filipino star can get past Brandon Rios in November, a showdown between him and his arch rival would still probably net the biggest boxing pay-per-view haul ever. Regardless of what anyone says about both men no longer being where they once were (obviously), everyone would still pay $50 to see this thing finally materialize.

This match is going down. So long as Pacquiao does his part at the end of the year, a massive payday will be waiting for him just around the corner.


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