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Manny Pacquiao, Juan Manuel Marquez Embarrass Themselves as Mike Alvarado, Timothy Bradley Watch with Glee

Manny Pacquiao was part of one of the biggest debacles in recent boxing history when he failed to come to terms with Floyd Mayweather Jr. on a super fight. While his inability to agree on a fifth bout with Juan Manuel Marquez isn’t quite as big of a failure, it’s pretty darn close.

Pacquiao and Marquez are two of the more historically relevant boxers still active in the sport today. While their rivalry isn’t as legendary as some others are, mostly because of how terrible that third match was, it’s still one that everyone respects. And because it’s held in such high esteem by nearly all boxing fans, a fifth and final showdown between the pair following their epic fourth clash was pretty highly anticipated.

Unfortunately, at the moment, it appears as though it’s not going to happen. Because of these guys' stubbornness regarding purse split, with each one claiming an equally unreasonable position and sticking to it, it is beginning to look as though we may end up having to settle for an alternative.

Mike Alvarado and Timothy Bradley have been mentioned as opponents for both men, and while either one would be solid under most circumstances, neither is that great of an option in this situation. The benefits of fighting either Pacquiao or Marquez for Alvarado and Bradley are clear: money. Alvarado, regardless of who he fights next, won't come close to sniffing the sort of payout he can get against Pacquiao. Ditto for Bradley, even though there are rumors that he would only get $6 million in the event of a rematch against his Filipino rival.

For Pacquiao and Marquez, however, the rewards here are slim. If Pacquiao beats Alvarado, people will still say he couldn’t beat Marquez; same would go for a victory over Bradley. Marquez, meanwhile, would be guaranteeing himself less money for a fight that would probably be a lot more difficult, as Alvarado and Bradley are far greater threats to him than Pacquiao is at this late stage in his career.

Pacquiao and Marquez, if they were to get off their high horses and agree to a reasonable purse split, would guarantee themselves the biggest paydays available right now. It’s just a matter of not being greedy. But it seems like both men are either a.) too prideful or b.) too unaware of what’s at stake to do that.

Alvarado and Bradley, meanwhile, will just watch this hilarious display with smiles on their faces. They’re in a win-win right now. If Alvarado doesn’t get either Pacquiao or Marquez, he’ll just fight Brandon Rios again. If Bradley doesn’t get either one, oh well, it’s not like he’s sacrificing any big time fights by waiting around.

A resolution on this matter, one way or another, will hopefully be reached at some point in the next few days.


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