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Manny Pacquiao: Juan Manuel Marquez is Biggest Rival

By Nick Tylwalk

Before we get to the third fight between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez, or even the 24/7 series leading up to the bout, we've got Max Kellerman sitting down with both men and their trainers. Time for Face Off.

Kellerman freezes highlights of Pacquiao-Marquez I after the first knockdown. JMM says he had confidence at the beginning of the round and was surprised to hit the canvas. Pac-Man admits he was hurt by the first left hook from Marquez but not enough to lose faith in himself.

After the third knockdown, Kellerman points out that Pacquiao hit Marquez after the third knockdown. JMM thought the referee was going to warn him but doesn't think it was dirty on Pacquiao's part, just the passion in the fight. Manny says Marquez was not on the mat yet. Kellerman wonders if this was the most heroic moment of Marquez's career, but Juan Manuel says he felt good.

Asked if he was frustrated that his pinpoint right hands did not stop Pacquiao, JMM thinks Manny has a strong chin. Freddie Roach shows why Pacquiao was able to be hit with those right hands and mostly chalks it up to incorrect footwork. Kellerman amusingly uses both fighters to demonstrate positioning.

Pacquaio says that both he and JMM give people exactly what they want to see and fight like fighters. We move on to the second fight.

Kellerman asks about the knockdown by Pacquiao, which came from a left hand thrown at a very unusual angle. Marquez felt that only made him more motivated in a "I'm not letting this happen again" sort of way. Roach thinks the accuracy made it such a strong shot.

Both fighters are up off their stools again to show why JMM was able to land right hands late in the second fight. Roach thinks proper footwork and positioning can nullify those shots and allow Manny to land left hands.

Not surprisingly, both boxers think they won the second fight. Kellerman asks JMM is he feels he is an appetizer for a Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather bout. He laughs a bit and feels bad because Manny has to think only about fighting him. Pacquiao thinks Marquez has a right to feel he was wronged by the first two decisions, so he wants to erase any doubt with a victory in the third meeting.

Marquez agrees that his legacy will be cemented if he wins this fight. Roach jokingly says Pacquiao can only be president of his country if he wins. JMM tells the people they can expect another great fight because he is preparing for one. Pac-man closes out by calling JMM his greatest rival, eclipsing even Erik Morales.

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