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Manny Pacquiao Stumps for Nev. Senator Harry Reid

Apparently, Manny Pacquiao is slowly taking over the U.S. too.

Taking time out from a busy schedule that includes preparing for his upcoming Nov. 13 bout with Antonio Margarito, the Filipino god-amongst-men flew to Las Vegas on Friday to be a part of U.S. Majority Floor Leader Harry Reid’s campaign. A congressman back home, Pacquiao has made his respect for the American political structure no secret.

Reid, a democrat, is running for re-election and is supposedly beloved by people from the Philippines. In fact, he was instrumental in sponsoring laws for Filipino World War II veterans. He was also the one to declare the month of October as Filipino-American history month.

"I came here to support Harry Reid on his candidacy,” Pacquiao said when facing the large crowd. “We are not only to vote but we are supposed to convince our friends and relatives to vote for Harry Reid, thank you very much.”

The respect appeared to be mutual between the two men as Reid later showered the famed boxer with compliments.

"What makes Manny Pacquiao really tough is, I believe, because he fights for those who can’t fight for themselves. That’s why Manny is chosen into public service in his home country where he is a member of Congress," said Reid.

It’s interesting that Pacquiao took the time out of his busy schedule leading up to the Margarito fight to travel to Las Vegas and support Reid given all of the mixed reviews coming out of his camp. Going by recent headlines, the Filipino boxer isn’t where he should be in terms of preparation for the fight.

Or the Pacquiao camp is simply trying to get Margarito to let his guard down given his size advantage over his smaller opponent.

Either way, after last Friday’s rally, we now know who Reid will be cheering for come Nov. 13.


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