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Manny Pacquiao is Going to Get Knocked Out Again, Says Brandon Rios

Manny Pacquiao may be a 3-to-1 favorite heading into his Nov. 2013 showdown against Brandon Rios, but that doesn’t mean a whole lot to anyone. Pacquiao has been the favorite in each of his last two matches, and he’s subsequently lost both. Rios was the favorite heading into his second fight versus Mike Alvarado, and that ultimately didn’t do much for him either. Pre-fight odds are just that – pre-fight odds.

Coming off a loss that didn’t sit particularly well with him, Rios is hungry and eager to prove himself. The 26-year-old’s style has been described in the media as overly-basic throughout the past few years, but that’s obviously just an unnecessary oversimplification. Rios doesn’t employ an attack-at-all-times, never-say-die approach because he can’t figure out a better one – he does it because  it works for him. He has a granite chin, good movement and lots of power. His style, regardless of whether folks like it or hate it, has carried him to a 31-1-1 record. Of his 31 victories, 23 came by knockout.

During a recent interview with, Rios made it clear that when it’s all said and done this November, he plans to be 32-1-1.

"I'm going to win this fight," he said of his upcoming bout against Pacquiao. "I'm going to knock him out. [Juan Manuel] Marquez kicked his a**. I'm going for the kill."

Marquez, of course, knocked Pacquiao out in dramatic fashion this past December. It was widely believed that if the pair fought to a controversial decision, that would favor Pacquiao. Thus, Marquez opted not to leave it in the judges’ hands. Clearly Rios is planning on utilizing the same approach. Will he be successful? We’ll all find out together on Nov. 23.



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