Manny Pacquiao is the Gift that Keeps on Giving for Juan Manuel Marquez


Manny Pacquiao was very kind to Juan Manuel Marquez in 2012. After nearly losing to him at the end of 2011, the Filipino star granted Marquez a third do-over against the wishes of his own trainer. Then, in the pair’s highly anticipated December bout, Pacquiao hastily attacked one of the best counter-punchers of his generation and got knocked out cold with the whole world watching. That's what you call being a good friend.

On top of becoming a Mexican hero and essentially avenging his prior two defeats, Marquez did what he did this year while making a whole lot of money.

According to the Manila Bulletin, Marquez collected $6 million plus an unspecified piece of the pay-per-view (PPV) dough for his knockout victory over Pacquiao. That comes out to a million per round, for all you non-math majors. (Of course, it is worth noting that Pacquiao took home $23 million plus a chunk of the PPV dough for getting dropped on the canvas face first.)

Interestingly enough, Pacquiao might continue to be the gift that keeps on giving for Marquez if both sides agree to a fifth fight. During a recent interview, Marquez’s promoter Fernando Beltran suggested that one more showdown between these rivals could earn him the sort of money that no other Mexican fighter has previously earned.

As noted by the Bulletin:

Chavez, in contrast, received his biggest purse – said to be $9.1 million – when he faced Oscar De La Hoya in June 1996.

Given what he made this time around, there is no reason not to believe that Marquez wouldn’t easily top that figure should he and Pacquiao meet again in 2013.

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So, for those of you keeping track at home: Pacquiao wants to fight again. Marquez stands to make a fortune. The public wants this match almost as much as they want Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr. at this point. And the only thing standing in the way is Marquez's wife.

Is there any way this thing doesn’t go down next year?

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