Manny Pacquiao Gets Rejected by Juan Manuel Marquez, Again


Since 2004, Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez have fought four times. Two of those bouts ended with Pacquiao squeaking out decision victories. One ended with a dominant Marquez knockout. And one, the first one, concluded in a controversial draw that would have been a Pacquiao victory if not for a judging error.

Understandably, particularly given how their fourth fight ended, fans have been salivating at the prospect of a fifth showdown between Pacquiao and Marquez for a while now. It was clear why the two needed a break from each other after last December; Pacquiao fought Brandon Rios a month ago, and Marquez took on Timothy Bradley in October. However, now that they’ve gotten that out of their systems, it’s time for a rematch.




Marquez has expressed zero interest in a fifth fight against Pacquiao. And in a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, Pacquiao advisor Michael Koncz indicated that he didn’t expect that to change any time soon.

“Marquez will never fight us again,” he said. “Why would he? He has bragging rights and all the money he wants.”

Well, that depends on your perspective. Does Marquez have some bragging rights? Sure. Pacquiao never beat him via knockout – the way in which he won the fourth fight speaks for itself. That said, does it wipe out two victories for Pacquiao? No. Does it make everyone forget that the draw was only a draw because of an admitted judge’s error? No. And when it comes to money – Marquez can’t earn anything even remotely close to what he’d earn against Pacquiao unless he, you know, fights Pacquiao.

Koncz may be right about Marquez never fighting Pacquiao again, but the logic being used to justify that decision is awfully weak.


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