Manny Pacquiao Gets Reality Check Regarding Political Aspirations


In the ring, Manny Pacquiao is as smooth as they come.

Whether he’s on the offensive going after opponents or eluding the other fighters’ jabs as if they’re coming at him in slow motion, in any given bout, the Filipino superstar is king.

That dominance, however, apparently doesn’t extend into the world of his nation's politics.

While appearing in Mexico as part of the media tour he and his next opponent, Juan Manuel Marquez, are participating in, Pacquiao expressed his desire to climb up the political hierarchy after his boxing career finally ends. More specifically, he noted that he was interested in Vice Presidency for the 2016 elections.

"Come 2016, I am going to run (for) Vice President... No more boxing at that time," he said.

In theory, that proclamation should have been met with happiness from the general public, what with the adoration that they usually have for Pacquiao. Only this time, the reaction was a little different. As it turns out, Pacquiao got his signals crossed and didn’t realize that in 2016, he wouldn’t meet the age requirement for the post he wished to run for.

As per provisions in the 1987 constitution, a candidate for the office of President or Vice President must be at least 40-years-old on election in order to be eligible.

“No person may be elected President unless he is a natural-born citizen of the Philippines, a registered voter, able to read and write, at least forty years of age on the day of the election, and a resident of the Philippines for at least ten years immediately preceding such election," reads Section 2 of Article VII of the charter. Then, further down the line, it’s explicitly stated that the same requirement holds true for Vice President.

Pacquiao, of course, was born on December 17, 1978 and thus, will only be 37 in 2016.

On the bright side, the Filipino icon doesn’t have to walk away with nothing. The minimum age requirement for a senatorial position is 35-years-old and, as such, Pacquiao can instead pursue that as he awaits his turn to sit in the big seat.


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