Manny Pacquiao Gets Compared to Floyd Mayweather by Floyd Mayweather


Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. have a history that speaks for itself. The two are rivals, at best, and sworn enemies at worst. Whenever either one suffers a setback, be it one of the legal variety in the case of Mayweather or a professional one in the case of Pacquiao, the other wastes no time commenting on it. At this point, the fans and media are used to the sniping that goes on back and forth.

Last week, however, something strange happened. The moons must have aligned or something. Following Pacquiao’s dominant victory over Brandon Rios, Mayweather Jr.’s dad, Floyd Mayweather Sr., actually had some positive things to say about a guy who he has bashed pretty consistently over the past three years.  

“It wasn't no problem with this guy (Rios) because this guy never did really hit; he never really hit Manny with anything. Manny was slipping and sliding,” Mayweather Sr. said. “Manny was looking like Floyd.”

He added: “Manny was looking like the way Floyd looked over (Saul) Alvarez and (Robert) Guerrero. That's the way Manny looked against him (Rios). He didn't look like no fighter that was in the top 10 ranking, period."

But then reality sunk in.

“I thought Manny Pacquiao did good with him, and I'm speaking of that particular fight,” Mayweather Sr. continued. I think that Manny Pacquiao did good with him because to me, Brandon Rios can't fight, to be honest. “Those are my honest opinions.”

“From what I just saw from him (Rios), I don't see no skill, I don't see no knowledge of boxing. I think that Manny looked very, very good on him. Manny moved when he wanted to, touched him when he wanted to and Manny was doing everything. Manny was giving side angles, cracking him; I mean, dude just, to me, he didn't win a round. I think the fight was a total shutout.”

What do Mayweather Sr.’s comments tell us about his camp’s relationship with Pacquiao? That it is still exactly where it has been for  a long time.


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