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Manny Pacquiao Will Get Tougher Test from Alvarado than He Would’ve from Marquez, Bradley

A fifth fight between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez would have likely ended with the Filipino star redeeming himself.

While last December’s knockout finish was amazing for fans and deflating for Pacquiao, it was in no way indicative of how he matched up against Marquez. The fact of the matter is: He controlled that bout far more than his opponent did. There is a reason why he was winning it on every single judge’s scorecard prior to getting dropped in the sixth round.

Had he and Marquez fought again, Pacquiao simply would have been on the lookout for that big power punch all the while maintaining the same strategy that proved to be successful on the last go-round. Unfortunately for him, it doesn’t appear as though he’ll fight Marquez again.

A second fight between Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley would have probably ended a little differently than the last one. Whereas the former eight division champ would still likely have dominated his counterpart, it’s doubtful that the judges would actually rob him a second time.

Seeing as Bradley’s camp has repeatedly stated that he will never again fight anyone the way he fought Ruslan Provodnikov, had he and Pacquiao squared off, it’s a virtual lock that he would’ve have gotten beaten. Unfortunately for Pacquiao, it doesn’t appear as though he’ll fight Bradley again either.

No, the person who will fight Pacquiao, assuming everything plays out the way it’s looking like it will, is Mike Alvarado. The reason that’s notable is because, unlike the two guys mentioned above, Alvarado poses a very serious threat. He’s faster than Marquez, stronger than Bradley and grittier than both; if there is one person out there who can send Pacquiao into retirement, it’s him.

From a financial standpoint, Alvarado is the best possible option for Pacquiao at this point. From a stylistic standpoint? Not so much.

It will be interesting to see how this impacts Pacquiao’s decision on who to fight next.


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