Manny Pacquiao, Freddie Roach Get Delusional About Brandon Rios Fight


Manny Pacquiao won't be able to knock out Brandon Rios. When the pair squares off this November, we might get to see a brawl. We might get to see one guy bobbing and weaving away from the other. It could go in a number of different directions. But no matter how this bout goes, regardless of who looks good and who looks bad, one thing is for certain: there is no way it will end with Rios laying face first on the ground.

Rios, 27, has 33 fights under his belt. He has won 31 of them – 23 by knockout. His lone loss came by unanimous decision. (He also had one draw.) Conversely, Pacquiao has fought 61 times. He has recorded 54 victories – 34 by knockout. The last time a fight of his went less than 12 rounds was this past December, when he got dropped by Juan Manuel Marquez. The last time a fight he won went less than 12 rounds was May of 2009, when he demolished Ricky Hatton in memorable fashion.

Pacquiao hasn’t recorded a knockout in three years. Rios hasn’t been knocked out in his professional career. Common sense tells us that while Pacquiao can and probably will win this bout, that it most likely won’t be by knockout.

And yet, for whatever reason, Freddie Roach sees his guy dropping Rios. Speaking to the media this past week, Pacquiao predicted that his boy would knock Rios out in dramatic fashion.

“Manny will be doing me a big favor by knocking this guy (Rios) out,” he said.

Roach’s comments are reminiscent of Pacquiao’s from a week ago, when he suggested that ‘nothing’ about Rios concerned him.

Let’s be clear: Pacquiao-Rios can end in a knockout, but only if Pacquiao is on the receiving end of it. If the Filipino star prevails, it will be via a decision. If Rios emerges victorious, given that he isn’t even remotely as skilled as his counterpart, it almost has to be by knockout.

 Pacquiao and Rios will square off this coming November in Macao.


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