Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather, Timothy Bradley All Impacted by Amir Khan’s Loss


The reverberations from Amir Khan’s stunning loss to Danny Garcia on Saturday night were felt all throughout boxing.

In one way or another, Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Timothy Bradley are all impacted by the biggest actual upset of the year.

Shortly after his defeat, Khan came out and dismissed talk of him retiring.

“I'm a young fighter, I'm 25, I'm not talking about retiring, I'm still young and I've got a lot in me," Khan said after his loss.

He’s right, of course; the thought of him retiring at this point is ludicrous. Khan is young and does have plenty of time to bounce back. For now, however, he’s going to get relegated to a slightly different Sweet Science status than what he's grown accustomed to over the last few years. He’s officially now off the radar as a top-tier, must-watch draw – and three of boxing’s biggest stars will have to adjust accordingly.

You’ll recall, both Mayweather and Bradley were at one time or another linked to potential fights against Khan. Just last week, Richard Schaefer acknowledged that if he were to beat Garcia, Khan would be in very good position for a potential showdown versus boxing's best (or second-best) pound-for-pound fighter.

“Amir’s fights are usually exciting and if he wins this one in that style he will be getting close to a super-fight with Floyd,” Schaefer said.

“Floyd always says he would love to fight in England and this could be his best opportunity to do that. But be it here or over there, this is a fight which looks to be in the making now.”

Well, so much for that theory.

And while Khan has publicly stated that he would never fight Pacquiao because of both their personal relationship and their obvious ties via Freddie Roach, the Filipino champ too is impacted by Saturday’s fight. Because Mayweather now has one less fighter to choose from at the end of this year when he’s trying to work out who his next match will be against, Pacquiao may end up being his only viable option for a massive pay day.

Bradley too was thought to be a possible future opponent for Khan down the line. Even though he (Bradley) had ducked him (Khan) previously, many believed that the two would eventually meet in a highly-publicized rivalry bout that that would serve to either legitimize Bradley or make Khan into boxing’s newest big star.

That not going to happen either, now.

It’s rare that single fight has such massive ramifications for so many of boxing’s biggest stars – but Saturday’s match was most definitely one of those fights.

(Kudos Guardian, Daily Mail)

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