Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather Sit Down Could Lead to Super Fight


Manny Pacquiao has expressed interest in sitting down with Floyd Mayweather Jr. when his family visits the United States. It is unclear whether a firm date for the meeting has been set or not, however, there is no denying that it is exactly what is necessary in order to make this much-discussed super fight a reality.

Ever since Mayweather took his little break from boxing following the Ricky Hatton fight, boxing fans have debated non-stop who would win in a battle between him and Pacquiao. In 2009, when Mayweather returned from his self-imposed exile to beat down Juan Manuel Marquez, the debates only got more heated. At that point it seemed as though a super fight was inevitable. More than four years later, here we are – still salivating at the prospect of a bout that should already have been fought.

Pacquiao and Mayweather find themselves in interesting positions right now. Both have guys they could fight, but neither has anyone in front of them that fans are dying to see. According to various reports, Mayweather is supposedly looking at fighting Amir Khan next. At one point this would have been the sort of highly-anticipated showdown that Mayweather-Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez was. That day has passed. Pacquiao, according to Bob Arum, is weighing the pluses and minuses of taking on Marquez, Timothy Bradley or Ruslan Provodnikov. Of those three, the only one fans actually want to see is Marquez, and he has expressed zero interest in a fifth fight against Pacquiao.

This is why Pacquiao’s desire to meet with Mayweather is important.

While speaking to SPIN recently, the Filipino star reportedly expressed a desire to sit down with Mayweather and hash out their issues. The interview wasn’t in English, but a translation was provided: "We have to talk first. If we can come to an agreement, then we’ll talk about the fight.”

When pressed on how realistic a super fight was, Pacquiao replied: “We still don’t know, but there’s a chance.”

After years of back-and-forth through the media, a face-to-face encounter is exactly what these guys need. Here is to hoping it actually happens.


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