Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather to Meet and Discuss Super Fight?


Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. will have the opportunity talk out all of their problems face-to-face when the Filipino star travels to the United States.

Pacquiao, 36, and Mayweather, 34, are widely considered to be the two most recognizable faces in boxing. At one point there was a debate about which of the two was the sport’s pound-for-pound king; however, after two straight losses, Pacquiao effectively took himself out of that conversation. Now, fresh off a dominating victory over a somewhat underrated fighter in Brandon Rios, Pacquiao is looking to take back the throne.

A super fight between Pacquiao and Mayweather has been discussed for years. Pacquiao took over all of boxing’s headlines when Mayweather went on a brief sabbatical after his victory over Ricky Hatton, and when Mayweather returned, everyone assumed a super fight was inevitable.

It wasn’t.

More than four years after Mayweather’s comeback victory over Juan Manuel Marquez, here we are, still talking about how this thing maybe, possibly, perhaps will come together. The reason why a super fight is believed to be more likely now than at any point in the past few years is because of how few potential opponents both of these guys have right now.

Mayweather is rumored to be looking at a bout against Amir Khan for early 2014. And while Khan has more name recognition than any of the other potential foes Mayweather reportedly looked at, that’s not saying a whole lot. Mayweather-Khan would be lucky to crack the numbers that the undefeated champ did against Robert Guerrero – and those totals were considered ‘disappointing.’

Pacquiao, meanwhile, is looking at a potential showdown against Marquez, Timothy Bradley or Ruslan Provodnikov. Of those options, Bradley is the likeliest.

During a reason interview with SPIN, Pacquiao reportedly indicated that he will meet with Mayweather this coming year when he takes his family on a trip to the United States. The interview apparently wasn’t conducted in English, but this was the provided translation: “We have to talk first. If we can come to an agreement, then we’ll talk about the fight.”

Pacquiao then reportedly added:  “We still don’t know, but there’s a chance.”

The reason why Mayweather-Pacquiao has never come together despite all the talk is because the talk was always directed towards the media. If these two guys actually sit down and hash things out one-on-one, that could be exactly the push that’s necessary to make this super fight a reality.


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